Expeditions Are Kicking Off!

3rd Grade

Students in third grade were all a buzz on Friday as they moved from station to station in all third grade rooms. They were engaged in fun activities that peaked their interest in animal adaptations.  Students tried using different bird " beaks" (tweezers, chopsticks, spoons, and clothespins) to collect different types of food.  They created giraffe "spit" using cornstarch and water to feel how this adaptation allows giraffes to eat thorny acacia leaves. 

Students created their own adaptations for their imagined creature on the computers and learned more about animal adaptations through research.  Students learned how blubber helps creatures stay warm in icy water and how ducks preen themselves with oil and why!  Thanks to Mr. Mygrant, Ms. Lofstrand, Ms. Seay, and Mrs. Foster for running stations with the third grade teachers.