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Counseling Corner ‐ Mr. Blase

Counseling Corner ‐ Mr. Blase

Dear Parents, Guardians, & Caretakers: I want to thank youso much for your support this year with your students! Ithas been a tremendous 1st year for myself as your SchoolCounselor, and I look forward to the 2017­18 school year atWestchester. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderfulwork I have been able to do with your students this year. Iwas very happy with the degree of school­wide, classroomguidance, small group, and individual activities I was able

to do with your students this year in the areas of academics, personal­social, and career. Aswell, I have greatly enjoyed getting to work with the teachers and parents of this community. Ilook forward to continuing the same in the 2017­18 school year. Please have a wonderful,happy, healthy, and safe summer break!