Standards-Based Grading, Grades K-5

A Standards-Based Report Card provides detailed information about the actual skills and concepts a student has attained. You will see what is supposed to be taught, what is supposed to be learned and how well your child is progressing and meeting the standard. In our K-5 schools, Standards-Based reporting is communicated 6 times during the school year. Our families can expect the Standards-Based Report Card to be an important tool used in Parent/Teacher Conferences.

2016-2017 Schedule for K-5 Reporting of Student Progress

Term 1 - Parent/Teacher Conference
Term 2 - Report Card (Fall)
Term 3 - K-5 Midyear Assessment Report (MAP scores)
Term 4 - Report Card (Winter)
Term 5 - Student-Led Parent Conference
Term 6 - Report Card (Spring)

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