Pupil Progression Plan
The City Schools of Decatur Board establishes this Pupil Progression Plan that outlines the procedures and requirements for promotion and graduation for the students in the City Schools of Decatur. This plan has been developed to provide each student with the maximum opportunity to succeed in school and gain an appropriate educational foundation. The establishment of requirements for promotion and graduation are a necessary part of any instructional institution. It is expected that with appropriate motivation, the vast majority of City Schools of Decatur students who receive appropriate instruction can make satisfactory progress each year. It is expected that most will be able each year to achieve a level of academic proficiency and social and emotional development which will enable them to benefit from instruction at the next higher level. However, for a variety of reasons, individuals may require more or less than the usual amount of time in particular grade levels to develop their educational potential.

The purpose of the Administrative Procedures Handbook is to provide information and guidance to stakeholders regarding basic district procedures surrounding enrollment,  registration, Response to Intervention (RtI), tuition, testing and federal programs.
The Pupil Progression Plan is reviewed and amended annually to meet the needs of students in the City Schools of Decatur. All instructional personnel of the City Schools of Decatur are charged with the authority and responsibility to implement the City Schools of Decatur Pupil Progression Plan for the purposes of achieving state, district and school goals.