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Author Visits, Book Fair and More!

January 23rd
LeUyen (Winnie) Pham

Thank you Little Shop of Stories and DEF for bringing Winnie Pham to Westchester.  Her enthusasum for telling and writing stories was evident through her adventures that she kindly shared with students at Westchester.  If you get the awesome chance to meet her, ask her about her first trip to Africa.  I bet our students could have listened to hours of her adventures!    Ms. Pham also graciously took extra time to illustrate pictures for our media center.  We are so lucky!!!
Attentive Audience! Winnie held the attention of all kindergarten, first, second and third grade students for an hour!IMG_9621.jpg
Emily Q. (K) and Erin E. (2nd) introduced and thanked our guest and, in return, received drawings of themselves by Ms. Winnie!

Several students also had Ms. Pham draw them as animals!  In this photo, Miles (3rd) is a cheetah and Tali (2nd) is a rabbit.  The student body enjoyed observing how Winnie used personality traits from their classmates to add character to the animals.  We may see this technique in their own illustrations.

(Ms. Pham looking at Maddy Y's. (3rd) lion and cubs behind the door.)
Mrs. Howarth helped students create an art project in the media center!  Mrs. Howarth collaborated with Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Nation on a special art project connect to LeUyen's new book, The Bear Who Wasn't There. Students desgined a door using shapes and real door examples and then, drew a animal behind the door.  Each one is unique and she enjoyed looking at the display.

November 17th
Sophie Blackall

Sophie Blackall came to Westchester Thursday, November 17th.  She shared with us several of her stories that she has illustrated, read Finding Winnie her Caldecott Award Winning book and shared interesting stories wiht us.  Her illustrations are absolutely captivating.  Ms. Blackall took time to share with us drawing tips and the audience was impressed!  Ask your child about her visit today.

Sophie Blackall, Adlai S. (k) and Andrew P. (1).  Adlai and Andrew introduced Ms. Blackall to thier peers.

Sophie Blackall signed a copy of her book for Henry S. (K)

September 2nd
Adam Rex and Christian Robinson visited Westchester Elementary on Friday, September 2nd.  They explained the process to writing an illustrating a children's book.  Kindergarten and first grade students were great audience members with smart questions for our guests.  They have many budding ideas for future titles of thier own picture books.

Adam, Saleem, Harper (1st graders), & Christian.  Saleem and Harper introduced our visitors Friday afternoon.

Our visitors are so impressed by our kindergarten student's artwork.  Mrs. Howarth worked with kindergarten kids on crafting schools, similiar to A School's First Day of School that resemble Westchester.
Jackson Pearce is a local author who writes books for middle grades and advanced elementary readers.  Our second and third graders who are interested in spies or magical creatures.   You will enjoy reading her works of art!9216_33048_2.jpg
Third Grade students stayed a bit later to get more information from Ms. Pearce! They are super eager to read her books.
Haha!  That story about a rat in Ms. Pearce's backpack is hilarious! In fact, she told us several stories that had all the children laughing.

Author Visit March 7th
Aaron Reynolds visitied Westchester Elementary on Monday, March 7th.  His presentation was impressive.  He captivated his audience of k-3rd grade students as well as staff members. Mr. Reynolds is full of high, positive energy and it was contagious.  Westchester students were excited about his books, especially, President Squid!
Mr. Reynolds posing with Westchester Carnivores- special thanks to Art teacher Mrs. Howarth and WE kindergarten classes!

Visiting Authors
Westchester work closely with Decatur's Little Shop of Stories to provide wonderful visiting author experiences for our students!

Here is our Archive of Visiting Authors and Illustrators!
May 12, 2017 Adam Rubin
April 27, 2017 Tim Miller
January 23, 2017 LeUyen Pham
November 17, 2016  Sophie Blackall
March 2016 Aaron Reynolds
October 2015 Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri
April 2015 "Who Was" Tour
March 2015 Lincoln Peirce
February 2015 Joshua Jay
October 29, 2014 Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen
October 6, 2014 Annie Barrows
August 29, 2014 Angela Diterlizzi
August 29, 2014 Mike Lane

book fair.jpg
Coming Soon: Fall Book Fair
When: September 27-30, 2016
Hours: Tuesday 5:30-7:00 during PTA Event
Wedensday & Thursday 7:30-4:30
Friday 7:30-9:30
Where: Westchester Media Center
Help: Book Fair Volunteers Needed

Special Thanks to Little Shop of Stories

For more info, please contact a book fair chair:
Elizabeth Lenhard,
Julie Wilson,
Or contact media specialist, Mrs. Nation,

...Under Construction....

Westchester Adopt-A-Book

Our media center will host many reading and book events to enhance our collection.  A book adoption event will be held each Fall.  Look for information to be sent home with your child.
Parents, families, and friends may adopt a book in honor of their child, a family member, pet, teacher.  We also honor the memory of a lost loved one or pet.  

Books will be selected by the children from the Westchester Library Media Center collection. This will not only be a special honor for your child, but it will also be a valued donation to help continue expanding the Westchester Library Media Center collection.