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School Nutrition

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We recently held two taste tests at Westchester Elementary to test two new vegetable recipes, in hopes to put them into our menu rotation.
We tried Roasted Carrots and Roasted Brussels Sprouts -- both roasted with garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese.

The recipes were overwhelmingly a hit! Many kids even said they enjoyed the brussels sprouts more than the carrots -- can you believe that?!

We want to give a huge thank you to the Wylde Center and Brittany Smith (dietetic intern at GSU) for all of your help!!!

Here are a few photos of the taste testings.


NSBW FB post.jpg

Mornings can be rough, and sometimes hard to find the time to eat a healthy breakfast before the first school bell rings.
Did you know about City Schools of Decatur's breakfast program? Our breakfasts meet federal nutrition standards for fat, calories and sodium – and encourage students to choose fruits, vegetables and whole grains!
National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) was launched in 1989 to raise awareness of the availability of the School Breakfast Program to all children and to promote the connection between eating a good breakfast, academic achievement and healthy lifestyles.

This year's campaign theme, “School Breakfast Challenge”, reminds the entire school community that school breakfast provides a healthy, energizing start to the day for students. Students will be encouraged to “Take the Challenge” from March 6-10 with special menus, cafeteria events, and more. Stay tuned!
Are you up for the challenge? Let us know what you would like to see on the NSBW menu next month! #NSBW17

National School Breakfast week was March 7-11, and it was a hit!
Many of our schools doubled in breakfast participation last week - we are so pleased!
Thanks to everyone involved for helping us to make the week a success.

We also want to give an extra special congratulations to the winners of our “Lucky Breakfast Tray” contest!

Thanks again, and please continue to enjoy these National School Breakfast activity sheets.

MARCH 2016

National Nutrition Month occurs every year during the month of March. It began as a way to help bring awareness to the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. The theme this year is "Savor the Flavor of Eating Right," to encourage everyone to take pleasure in the flavors and experiences that food adds to our daily lives.

How will you savor your meals this month? Try this handout to design your plate!

MarchLeanGreenMonth.jpgDid you notice anything new about the menu this month? For National Nutrition Month, we joined the Lean and Green Day campaign (formerly known as Vegetarian Tuesdays). This is a global movement that originally started as "Meatless Monday," with the idea that skipping meat for at least one day a week is not only good for you, but also the planet.

We hope you enjoy the menu items on these Tuesdays. This month we are introducing a new item: nut-free pesto! YUM!!

Have a great month!

FEBRUARY 2016232016_44209_0.jpg
Hey everybody! We wanted to fill you in on some exciting news in the nutrition department this school year. CSD Nutrition has partnered with
Common Market Georgia to offer FRESH, GEORGIA GROWN produce in our cafeterias. These fruits and vegetables are grown by
West Georgia Farmers Cooperative and distributed to us by the Common Market. We’d love for you to get to know the farmers who grow your food; here’s a little bio:

"West Georgia Farmers Cooperative was formed in 1966 in West Central Georgia by a group of African American farmers, in order to aggregate the production among local small family farms and to enhance farm income. Since that time, the WGFC has continued its mission of providing locally and sustainably grown food to its community and beyond. The majority of WGFC’s market farmers are also veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, and the number of farmers joining the cooperative just keeps on growing - along with the varieties of produce, and the cows, chickens, goats and pigs that you can find on many of their farms. This year WGFC has launched farmers markets in LaGrange, Newnan and Columbus. In addition to farming, the members of WGFC serve as local advocates, educators and champions of a strong and vibrant local food system."
So far, we have offered tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, broccoli crown, and sweet potatoes – all Georgia grown!

Many of you raved about our roasted okra recipe, so we’d like to share it with you here. Enjoy!!

Need a little encouragement this winter? Check out the February Wellness Newsletter, "Power of Love."

SEPTEMBER 2015 - Please enjoy our September Wellness Newsletter all about proper hydration!


March is a National Nutrition Month and we are happy to share progress and healthy changes on CSD menu! Please click here to read about the changes made since last year. As always please let us know any questions, concerns, and comments you might have at and thank you for supporting CSD Nutrition Program! Furthermore, please join your 1st and 4th Grader for a Spring Luncheon on Thursday, March 12th! The Menu will include Roasted Turkey with Real mashed Potatoes and Gravy, GA Glazed Carrots (Harvest of the Month), Parmesan Broccoli, and Apple Cobbler. Price is $5 cash only for adults. Please contact your school for lunch times and to reserve your spot and we hope to see you there!


932014_120323_3.jpgWe are happy to be back into the swing of a new school year!

Thanks to a grant from the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association (SUDIA), Renfroe Middle School and Decatur High School have acquired two industrial-sized Vitamix 5201 XL blenders. At the end of the last school year we held taste-tests for our new smoothie recipes and fine-tuned them over the summer. We are pleased that the smoothies have been a healthy, colorful, and popular addition to our Middle and High School breakfast menus. Thanks to everyone who participated in the taste-test; your feedback helped us improved our recipes!

We are also proud to announce our Fall "Try-it" menu item: quinoa! Every student gets a chance to try this grain dish as a part of his or her lunch. Quinoa, pronounced KEEN-wah, is one of the only plant foods that is a complete protein! How cool is that?

This month we are celebrating the delicious apple. Check out our September Wellness Newsletter for some fun facts about this nutritious fruit!


collard greens in the garden.jpgThe Produce of the month for January are collard greens. One of the farms supplying cafeteria with collard greens is Herndon Farms in Lyons, Georgia. Herndon Jr. started the farm in 1979 by himself with one tractor. Now, the family owned and operated farm spreads over 3000 acres and grows Vidalia onions, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, and leafy greens.

On Thursday, January 30th, the 2nd and 5th grade students will be able to invite their parents and special adults for the New Year's luncheon! The Menu for the luncheon is: oven roasted chicken, seasoned rice, collard greens (F2S), blackeyed peas, cornbread, fruit cup, and choice of milk. We are looking forward to another great event!

Starting in January, the daily vegetarian hot lunch option will be a bean burrito.  After a meeting with the head school nurse and evaluating veggie burger options, we have decided to take the vegetarian burgers off the menu as all of them contained tree nuts and/or were inferior in quality/taste.

The New Winter Farm to School Newsletter is out! Check it out here.


Salad SpinnerRenfroe.jpg

We are so excited to let everyone know that we purchased an industrial size, commercial salad spinner for Decatur High School, Renfroe Middle School, and F.AVE! The salad spinner has a 6 gallon capacity and can dry six to eight heads of lettuce in one minute! In the picture shown is Deborah at Renfroe Middle School using the new salad spinner.

Save the date for the Winter Luncheon for all 2nd and 5th grade students and their special adults on Thursday, January 23, 2014. More information to come.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all from the Nutrition Department!


Thanksgiving Luncheon was a great success! A big thank you to all the parents and special adults who joined us for a delicious, festive Thanksgiving lunch! Also, a big thank you to all the kitchen and school staff that made this possible with their hard work. We appreciate all of you!
Thanksgiving lunch FAVE.jpgThanksgiving lunch Fave2.jpgThanksgivinglunchFAVEladies.jpg


Dick Minor.jpgThe November produce of the month are green beans.  Our green beans are coming from a farm in Andersonville, GA located in Sumter County.  Three brothers, led by Dick Minor, president of Minor Produce, Inc. operate a diversified farming operation growing close to 2000 acres of vegetables, including cucumbers, snap beans, watermelon, pepper and squash.  They also grow cotton, peanuts, field corn, wheat, soybeans, and turf grass.  The Minor Produce, Inc. also has ownership and operates a trucking company, cotton gin and warehouse, and a custom aerial crop care service.  Mr. Dick Minor was also a president of GA Fruits and Vegetable Growers Association in 2011/2012.  

At the beginning of November, Rick Hughes representing School Meal Solutions, a Colorado based consulting company visited CSD for couple of days. Mr. Hughes held interviews and focus groups with the Ultimate Menu Committee, Nutrition Staff, Superintendent, Board Members, and Principals, and he took tour of the CSD kitchens and visited cafeterias during breakfast and lunch.  It was a great visit and we are looking forward to Mr. Hughes’ recommendations for the Nutrition Department in February of 2014.

Dick Minor



Wylde Center/DF2S will be doing a district wide sweet potato taste test with the sweet potatoes from the school gardens and a contest for the Sweet Potato Advertisement! Please find all of the contest information and rules here. The winners for the Sweet Potato Advertisement were:
First Place:Ms. Carpenter's Pre-K class Ms. Carpenter's Pre-K class

Second Place (password potato): Mr. Luke's Pre-K class

Third Place: Ms. Joiner's class from Clairemont Elementary
sweet potato ad poster.jpg


beauregard sweet potato.jpg
The produce of the month for the month of October is Sweet Potato. The sweet potatoes in the cafeteria came from Herndon Farms in Lyons, Georgia. Herndon Jr. started the farm in 1979 by himself with one tractor.  Now, the family owned and operated farm spreads over 3000 acres and grows Vidalia onions, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, and leafy greens.  During the month of October, cafeteria has served 760 lbs of GA sweet potatoes, 250 lbs of GA cucumbers, 200 lbs of GA squash, and 100 lbs of GA bell peppers putting near $3,000 back into the local economy!


We are calling all students to participate in a Sweet Potato Recipe Contest! Each school Cafeteria will be getting a Decatur Farm to School Suggestion Box made by one of the DF2S awesome volunteers! During the month of October please drop a Sweet Potato Recipe in a suggestion box. One winner for each school will enter finals and overall winner will be picked from the final entries.  The winner will receive a Farm to School T-Shirt and the winning recipe will be featured on the School Lunch Menu and in the Farm to School and City Schools of the Decatur Newsletters and on the CSD Nutrition Website!  Recipe contest rules: one recipe per student, recipe must feature fresh sweet potato, be child-friendly, recipe must include serving size and instructions. Deadline for recipe submission: October 31st. Winner will be announced on November 1st. Please spread the word and contact us with any questions at Thank you!

AustinSmithSweet PotatoRecipeContestWinnerWinnona1stalone.jpg

The Sweet Potato Recipe winner is Austin Smith, 1st grader from Winnona Park Elementary. Congratulations Austin! Austin's "Satin Sweet Potato Pie" will be featured on the December school lunch menu.  Thank you to everyone who has submitted sweet potato recipes, we have received wonderful recipes. Look for another recipe contest coming in the Spring!


National School Lunch Week is a celebration of School Lunch across the United States.  Come out and support your school cafeteria during the week of the October 14th by eating school lunch and try some of our new yummy recipes from across the country.  Say hi to our Cafeteria workers and let us know how you liked the new recipes. We are excited to celebrate with you!


quinoa.jpgOn Friday, 10/11 Decatur High School students taste tested red quinoa! The quinoa was prepared with onions, red bell peppers,and butternut squash and seasoned simply with olive oil, salt, and pepper. The taste test went well with student recommendations for the dish to be spicier. Muhammad, sophomore tried red quinoa for the first time and said:"It's different. I kind of like it. It's tasty." Miles, senior, also tried it for the first time and said:" It's pretty good."  DHS principal Lauri McKain enjoyed the taste of red quinoa as well!

QuinoaMuhammad.jpgQuinoa Miles.jpgQuinoaPrincipalDHS.jpg


Friday, 8/30 F.AVE students will be taste-testing TOFU! Look out for some tofu samples between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.! If you have a 4th or 5th grader, please let us know if your child had an opinion about the tofu taste test and how they liked it. We want to know! Tofu will be marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce and little rice vinegar and then baked.
The tofu taste test went great at the F.AVE! Children really enjoyed the tofu and were coming to me for seconds. Here is what some of them said:
Zach (5th grade): "Tofu was mindblowing! I would definitely eat again."
Drew (5th grade): "It was yummy. I like how it was a little crispy on the outside."
Torrance :" It was really good and it was my first time trying it. I think everyone should try it."
Evelyn: "It was delicious!"


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